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WoW. I Binge Too Much

So my daughter and brother-in-law got me back into playing World of Warcraft about 2 months ago. I had played it a long time ago, like when my daughter was an infant, and played it pretty sporadically. I spent more of my time and enjoyed playing Final Fantasy XI more anyway. So my character was made around 2005-6, I don’t remember exactly when but it was before any expansions. I played up to level 60, tried some endgame content, and quickly got bored. The game was much more difficult back then. Especially when it came to organizing group content.

A lot of my playing was before even the meeting stones existed, let alone the dungeon finder. You had to physically go to the dungeon entrance, gather up your group then enter in together. Raiding was even more difficult, as getting the 10 to 40(!!!) people together was a logistical mess. I never really got into the raiding scene and without a whole lot of content to interest me I got bored and found something else to play. Or more likely I went back to FFXI.

My gaming habits tend to follow this cycle. I’ll binge on a single game for a while, playing it obsessively until I burn out. Then I’ll start with a new game.

There are certain games that do tend to draw me back, usually the MMO type. I’ve done this with FFXI, FFXIV, WoW, Diablo II & III, League of Legends and others. As long as there’s some sort of accessible endgame content or competition it can usually give me a reason to revisit it. Maybe I just obsess too much. As my wife would certainly tell you, when I’m into a game I’ll spend a LOT of time on it. Perhaps spreading playtime out or ensuring I play a few different games at a time could help lessen the burnout. We’ll have to see.

In any case, meet Drek’thul:

And check out that succubus!
Currently level 100 Rogue

Yet I can't get a single mount drop anywhere else.
Showing off that swift white hawkstrider 😀
Not like he's using it anymore.
Chilling on Nefarian’s throne.

I started this post at the end of May and since then my WoW playtime has dropped off a bit and I’ve been playing a lot of Bloodborne (man is that a weird game, love the Lovecraftian influences though). Working on a couple of things, I’ll keep it updated.

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